Corporate Wellness | CorporateWise

Corporate Wellness & Life Skills

Ensuring the development of healthy, balanced staff to reduce absenteeism, improve communication and foster better teamwork. The result? Top performance.

HR Management | CorporateWise

Leadership & HR Management Workshops

Developing leaders who are equipped to handle the pressures of their positions, including conflict management, mentoring and coaching, disciplinary procedures and performance management.

Admin and Sales | CorporateWise

Administration & Sales Workshops

Growing admin skills to ensure effective organisation and communication, while developing sales teams that are keen negotiators and adept at presenting their offering; whether on the phone or in person.

Critical communication | CorporateWise

Our flagship course: Critical Communication

Using Clarity 4D Profiling as a base, this training seeks to enhance staff relations by developing a full understanding of communication styles. This ensures staff connect better with each other, present ideas in a more effective way, and work with greater synergy.

Why choose CorporateWise?

CorporateWise trains essential skills to ensure that its delegates succeed in the workplace.

We’re passionate about changing behaviour in the workplace and some of the courses we offer include the following:

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As part of its “Inside-Out” approach, in-depth analyses of skills gaps, company values and cultures are conducted, ensuring that the skills development approach is both targeted and tailored. To achieve this, our team spends time at each company to ensure a full understanding of its needs is developed. 

The result?

  • Positively changing behaviour in the workplace
  • Considering and improving how people communicate
  • Training programmes that deliver measurable return on investment through sustainable skills development and personal growth