Empowering Graduates

A two-day workshop to ensure workplace readiness!  


Imagine a fresh graduate entering the workforce for the first time. They're excited, eager to prove themselves, and full of potential. But what if they lack the skills they need to succeed in their new role?

That's where workplace readiness comes in. Workplace readiness is the ability of a graduate to successfully transition from the academic world to the professional world. It's about having the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to be productive and contribute to a team.

There are many reasons why it's important to equip graduates with skills for the workplace and make them work-ready. Here are a few:

  • To help them succeed in their careers. Work-ready graduates are more likely to be hired, promoted, and earn higher salaries. They're also less likely to experience job dissatisfaction and turnover.

  • To boost the economy. A workforce that is well-educated and skilled is more productive and innovative. This leads to economic growth and job creation.

  • To reduce social costs. Unemployment and underemployment can lead to social problems such as poverty, crime, and drug abuse. By equipping graduates with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace, we can help reduce these social costs.

What is covered?

The top 10 skills necessary for the workplace:

  1. Communication skills

  2. Teamwork skills

  3. Personal mastery

  4. Interpersonal skills

  5. Problem-solving skills

  6. Time Management skills

  7. Critical thinking skills

  8. Adaptability

  9. Work ethic

  10. Self-confidence

In addition, graduates need to learn how to put a CV together and  prepare for a job interview.

A fun way to think about the importance of workplace readiness is to imagine a workplace as a video game. Graduates are the new players, and the workplace is the game board. To succeed, they need to have the right skills and gear.

For example, communication skills are like a sword. They allow graduates to communicate effectively with their colleagues and customers.

Teamwork skills are like armour. They help graduates to work together with others to achieve common goals.

Problem-solving skills are  like a magic wand. They allow graduates to identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently. 

Critical thinking skills are like a compass. They help graduates to make informed decisions and avoid pitfalls.

Adaptability is like a chameleon. It allows graduates to change their approach to fit different situations.

Work ethic is like a stamina bar. It allows graduates to work hard and persevere through challenges.

Professionalism is like a uniform. It shows that graduates are serious about their work and committed to their team and company.

CorporateWise offers a two -day workshop for graduates where we cover all of the skills required for work readiness.

The cost is R2385 per person, including training material and Uber Eats for lunch!