About us

Learn | Grow | Evolve

Established in 2001, CorporateWise follows a unique approach to skills development, taking an “Inside-Out” approach. The team strives to help people develop both technical and soft
skills, driving them to learn, grow and evolve.

People are the most important asset in any organisation. Our approach is proven to ensure that they can present themselves for career advancement with confidence, holding both the
technical knowledge required to manage required tasks, and the tools to communicate effectively.

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Driven by the highly-qualified Kathryn Lehnerdt, the courses are purpose built for maximum impact. Lehnerdt’s passion for communication stems from more than two decades of experience and a deep understanding of how people interact in the workplace. As a coach, she focuses on empowering people by helping them understand their own communication styles, leading to more synchronised team dynamics..

“We make obvious mistakes in the workplace. We often lean towards a fundamental attribution error; we don’t understand our own communication style or the communication styles of others and so we adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This is really ineffective as we
neglect to consider that people are fundamentally different; not only from an age, race, gender, and culture perspective, but our humanness is uniquely different too. This needs to be respected and taken into consideration throughout the communication process" - Kathryn Lehnerdt

Participant Testimonial

“Kathryn’s passion for communication comes from her deep understanding of people and how they interact in the workplace. As a coach, she focuses on empowering people by getting them to understand their communication styles and how to be more effective when speaking with or presenting to others.”